Freshness and variety in pork

Domestic market

In the domestic market we sell live pigs, carcasses, fresh cuts, vacuum packed and frozen cuts, as well as a line of value-added products that facilitate food preparation for our customers.

On a national level, we have strategically located distribution centers, routes for direct delivery to businesses, sales to supermarkets, wholesalers, food service, consumer centers, packers, as well as our own chain which already has more than 500 stores (Maxicarne) where we sell pork, beef and chicken products to the homes of Mexican families and small businesses for prepared food.

Export market

In the export market, though our Keken y Kiniton, brands, we are currently in first place on a national level for pork meat exports. We export to the main international markets such as: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Canada, United States, Chile, Singapore, Angola, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Liberia.

We have specialized products for the export market and made-to-measure cuts based on to the needs of our customers.

The integration of our operations allowing for the traceability of all our products and guaranteeing their quality and innocuousness.

Certifications for export

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